Long time no talk...

ive finally decided to update this stupid drama infested website. Ive finally made up my mind and not let people walk on my feelings anymore. ..and finally ive decided to come clean. I have a huge problem with how i deal with my problems. so im gonna change that..i also decided to clean up who i associate with. I bet they mean well and only have my best interests at heart. Mwhaha..RIIIIIGHT!

FYI time....i do have a place to live...not that its any of your business. Yeah i may be 35 and work at a poolhall..so what...i like it ..i enjoy it...i make decent cash doing it...whats the problem then.?!?!?! ( oh yeah and i didnt get demoted i took a small leave of absence...and now i have my position back...) I may not have a million dollars in the bank ..... a morgatged house...I may not have a husband or children..i may not live the life how society expects...this is my life and ill fucken live it how i choose! GOT IT! Ive been living on my own since i was 15 dont fucken judge me! You dont walk in my shoes you dont know who i am...

And as for my new friend Brenda that your all so fucken jealous of...shes the most beautiful soul i have ever met. She and i have a very strong relationship...she is one of a kind,..and has a heart of gold...before you go off spouting your vicious bitchyness about her ....the only thing im using brenda for is a shoulder to lean on when i get verbally attacked..a phone call when im sad...i think ive said enough...jealousy of a positive person in my life is really pathetic on your part.

I went to Mexico nov 7th to the 22nd...wow i never had such a good time on a vacation before...Cancun was a blur though i must admit..alot of tequila was drank and danced till dawn...Playa del Carmen was super relaxing. were going again in November. cant wait.

My Jenna bear is leaving soon for her tripn to Australia...that girl has a beautiful soul as well...she and i are becoming amazing friends. Im going to be so sad when shes gone. like a part of me will be missing. were going to keep in touch throughout her trip. I hope she has a blast and meets all sorts of interesting people.

I went to see a psychic and she told me im going to meet my "the one" within 6 months. he is 6'2 with brown wavy hair. hes not the typical jeanette man. he is your everyday average joe. Im going to move in with him withing the first 2 years and then were going to get married and get pregnant 3 months into being married. I almost sht my pants when she told me that...
she asks ..you have ruled out children...
im like ....yes i did
she says.....i see a pink bubble in your aura
im like....pretend you didnt see that...lol
she says and i see you getting married..3 months in your going to get pregnant
im like ...seriously
shes like this man ..do you know him?
im like np...the guy doesnt seem to fit any discription of anyone i know...
she says...youve met him once before...
im like ok..haha.
it was quite interesting what she knew about my family as well..my past...she knew about how my mother raised me and what her personality was like..she knew the number of brothers and sister i have...how my parents are both gone of the same desease. i was laying there and she told me about how i bottle up my feelings untill they rage inside me and i blow. and how i need to deal with my problems and not let people push me around. she says i have the same gift as her the problem is i dont know how to use it...she told me about my last boyfried and she even said his name...how he was the last person i should have been with. she said i cant believe it lasted that as long as it did and that no wonder im the way i am..i guess im really a bad judge of character..i should learn how to use my gift...
Other than trying to be a better person and living life im actually i feel so much better now that the "TOXIC" people are outta my life ha ha...i read that somewhere and i thought it was funny...maybe the toxic person is you and maybe you should try to stop all the hen pecking bullshit...be a friend...but most of all be real!



Renee..your wish is my command

Heres my 7th photo....its of me and my buddy Shaun...at the nickelback concert. i didnt pick the 7th alblum cause they werent my photo's. So there you have it...I havent had anytime to do anything...let alone update...alots been going on...men are stupid...im not gonna give up..im thinkin about givung a nice guy a chance for a change and see what happens. His name is Tyler Edey. Google him and you will see a picture. Hes kinda a big deal in the pool world.hes on TV alot...well see where that goes.....ill keep ya posted!


Well Well Well.....

So i guess i should update ...been awhile....iv'e decided to get back with Jackson....he and i just clicked from the get go and i was dissapointed when he told me he wanted to try with his wife again...but im glad he wanted to at least try...i knew it wouldnt work. Ha! (my bad) so he called me up and asked me for forgiveness....and i thought why not. So we've been hanging out and getting to know each other again and its been great.! better than great actually...i can kiss him in public and show him affection and not care. We both just want to be happy ...so thats what were gonna do. I always seem to pick the hard to get ones....WTF is wrong with me..lol anyways its all good!

Im throwing Tannis a 35th Birthday party....thats right...35! mwhahaha...i hope she has fun and i really hope her friends show her how important she is! If not at least she will know I care! Im even gonna try my hand at a naughty cake...tee hee...it better turn out!

Were planning a trip at the end of march...but im so fucking broke i cant even afford to pay attention..haha...Perhaps ill win the lotto ...MWHAHAHAHA!

Well thats all thats been going on in my world...See you friday!


Its fuck you friday yet again...

Well Manny...Tannis...and Shaun...those are some pretty birds...i love you all...
so now down to business...lets see what pissed me off this week.....
~Jackson! Yes the one that could do no wrong...... did something to really make me mad...he kicked me to the curb. Yes you read it. Apperantly he has anger issues and he deals with that with alcohol. (this is why the wife left) and i dont blame her at all..i give her a high five on that one actually...why stay in a marriage when all you feel is like your getting shit on...cause asshole cant deal with his problems. I thought the world of Jackson. We had so much fun together...we shared alot with each other...and im gonna miss him. I told him I would love to still be his friend...and he keeps telling me he needs to deal with his demons alone....So im thinkin ill be here if he wants to talk..but im not gonna go outta my way to care anymore. I was nothing but nice to the guy..and what do i get in return...SHIT ON! FUCK YOU!

So ive decided to make a party outta it...its Tomorrow night...were all getting drunk in a dress and partying like its new years eve! Oh yes...dressed to the nines....and then...were gonna get sloppy drunk(not me cause i dont do that)...mwhahaha PICTURES TO FOLLOW!

Peace out and just scream it once today FUCK YOU FRIDAY!


Hmmmm.....Who shit on my week?

So i really had a shitty week...work sucked...the assholes that frequent the place certainly did a good job at pissing me off. Manners need to be used more....it takes 2 seconds to say thank you...im not your bitch...then i come home and a certain guy i know comes by to see his kids..hes not the most pleasant guy to be around...whenever hes in the room i just feel my skin crawling. I dont hate people...but i surely hate him..Like seriously do ya need to have that much hate in your body you just cant find something nice to say? Jerkoff! Guys that make my friends sad....fuck you.! who do you think you are...ok im not prejuduce....not a big fan of a few indians....there ignorant..rude...look down on ya like your a peice of shit...up yours! Waking up with a headache...why..what the fucks up with that...

This no sex in the morning thing...come on...what guy doesnt like morning sex...
Jacksons drinkin like a fish...dont you know your limits...lol I dont mind driving your car...its a tight ride....i cant say anything bad about my guy..cause hes a sweetheart....were getting closer...and i feel some major feelings towards him. im just keeping it to myself right now cause i dont want him to think im moving too fast...i cleaned his whole house the other day(cause hes got alot of cats...the cat hair is too much) and when he came home he was shocked...he told me that for his whole dating career hes never once dated a girl like me. he calls me his genuine beauty! that makes me smile....and give me warm fuzzies! I just like seeing him happy..he deserves that!

Hopefully your week went better than mine.....


Fuck you....its friday!

So its that time again...where we all can rant and get some shit off our chests...i myself only have a few things that i need to rant about...

~my drivers side window....why ya gotta break right now...i cant drive without a smoke...
~Thieving staff...why ya gotta steal....your so fired today when i see you. Tee hee.
~Drunk sex....whiskey dick sucks....stop drinking already!
~THIS FUCKEN COLD WEATHER! go away already.

Thats it this week..Other than those small things im happy as a pig in shit...my bf(gonna call him that now) is such a sweetie....i like him so much and i hope this one works out. Hes sick right now...and you know when guys are sick its a dramatic event...make something so small into something HUGE. Hes lucky he's cute.

So ladies till next week...hope you all have a good fuck you friday!



Well....it is friday and we all know what that means....FUCK YOU FRIDAY...but today instead of ranting...im gonna just say it...cause i have nothing to be mad about today..im in kinda half love with Jackson...I dont have to work till Wendesday...and its my besties birthday today. So were gonna get all pretty and go to a house party...not any ordinary house party..oh no...its a sex toy party too...girl can never have too many friends under her bed if ya catch my drift...lol.

The past few weeks ive been so happy. Jackson is such a sweetheart. Hes going thru a nasty divorce but thru it all hes been nothing but kind to me. We have alot of good times...and just taking it day by day. He doesnt understand how i still stick around with all his bullshit makes him pissy. I told him when theres something wonderful standing in front of you dont let it go...im not a quitter and i said i see good times ahead so why walk away? I always tend to get myself into situations that are not normal..and this is one of them. If ya cant see me at my worst you dont deserve my best..that saying is so true. So far i havent really seen anything that scares me and he is a wonderful caring guy...and with all his crap going on in his life i cant just walk away from that...so ill see where this goes...ill keep ya posted.

Tannis went to Booster Juice yesterday and saw two hot guys ...shes like yeah Jeanette there so hot...then they kissed. Mwahaha...there gay....Poor girl...i wish she could find a normal guy that treats her good...she deserves it...Maybe ill try to pimp her out ....JK tannis...you will find him or he will find you...just wait for it...you know that saying..all good things come to those who wait!
Love you!

Peace out! and im still smiling....


Happy bday to me....

Jackson and i are in lust with each other...i love this picture..the way hes looking at me when i talk...like hes actually listening..mwhwhaa
Tannis and i were kinda smashed at this point...the room was full of love and i just had to show her how much i love her...and you can tell how much she loves me by the hand on my ass...lol...jk.we both just love this pic. Im glad i have you in my life and im so happy to call you my best friend. I mean weve known each other for 34 years and we never fight..i can tell you anything...your kids are awesome..and i love you and them dearly.
I also love this picture...i mean look at those faces...its like there both saying CHEESE! Or.....there telling crest...look at our teeth..so white..lol
It was Pete and my Birthday...his friends are losers and didnt even bother to show him a good time...good thing we love you Pete...i like sharing my day with you..and well see you next year!
Now this cake is pretty...Tannis did a wiked job on all the detail. The guys really loved it as well..im starting to think guys are weird..this poor chocolate penis went around the room...and lewd gestures and comments were flying..haha...we did manage to get some pictures but were gonna hold onto them for blackmail porpouses...lol



So were gettin pretty to go out...its new years....We all had a good time...
Tannis dont hate me cause i put this pic on...but its fuck you friday!

Jackson and i ....and tannis and I...were a good lookin bunch...
I was TOLD to update. Im not in the mood....so bite my left tit..
(i love you NA-NA).

Guys are retards...there fucken mental..there "I want you one day...then i dont want you the next"...good to know people can just turn there feelings off and on....I really like Jackson...but its complicated and i dont even want to get into it...i just feel fucked over somehow. Whatever...Plenty of fish in the sea i say...haha...idiot!

No matter how nice you are to these guys they just fucken use and abuse...fuck ya then chuck ya...my mother told me thats what i should do to men...im gonna take her advice...oh yes im a man hater once again.

Tannis and i are planning on going on a well deserved trip...i think the sooner the better.! we need to go have some single fun somewhere...and just so you know girl my bags can be packed in 20 minutes...bikini and sunscreen thats all i need!


Shut the door already

I think i need to shut the door on a friendship...its unhealthy..heres the story....(this dates back to 2001) .I dated this guy for a year and a half...thinking we were in love..Well was i wrong..the whole time we dated he was cheating on me behind my back with this girl i know..i think i went temporarily insane. Im serious i went nuts...i wished them nothing but misery...i dont know who i hated more him or her...so a few years later after not talking to them..i got a call from her saying how sorry she was and how bad she felt...Boo fucking who...then me being so frickin forgiving...forgave her...lol...like what an idiot i am. Everyone that knows me asks me WTF. I just say lifes to short to be angry..which is true..,but then i think back and remember all the shit and hard times i had to deal with because of her i say fuck that shit. I went to visit her Saturday night...just to get outta town and have some fun...and i met this guy i talk to online...(sweetheart btw) we played pool and had some drinks...well she decided she was tired and went home...THANKS BY THE WAY! i came all that way to see her and she fucken left me there...so i thought screw it..im gonna have fun any ways ...the other 2 people we were with decided they were tired and went home...so it was just my guy friend and me...we went to this bar and had more drinks and conversation...Good times i say. So at this point we were a both on the drunk side...so we went back to Her house...passed out....woke up at 730 am to go pee...and she started freaking on me...why did you bring a stranger into our house...blah blah blah...i thought fuck you bitch ya left me at the bar with some strange guy.. and he was drunk...why ask for a DUI....After i gave her a peice of my mind... i said fuck it and drove home at 8 in the morning..i think i was half drunk...and it was super foggy. got home and passed out....but the thing i want her to know is that im tired of the way you treat people...the way you think is fucked...and all the hurt you caused me i say FUCK YOU! go to hell and dont come back. you and your preicious husband can both go fuck yourselves...im tired of you being all self rightcious... your nothing but a cheating whore that the only way to get ahead in life is to hurt people that get in your way...well right now i feel you need to hear how i feel and im offically slamming the door on this unhealthy relationship...what you did to me was not only rude and ignorant...but selfish and pathetic. Hope you the best outta life ...and may KARMA bite you two right in the ass!


Its Fuck you Friday! (WARNING LABEL) lol

can i have a fuck you friday? i just wanna say fuck you to Jaret...thanks for the 6 drunk dials last night....just so you know im not your driver take home booty call....if you want to hang out with me call at a decent hour. Had you called me and said hey im in town with my friends ..how about after your done work come pick me up i would have totally done that .......but NO! so i didnt answer any of his calls. i said screw you! gotta show him who's boss from the start so he doesnt pull that shit.

Fuck you to the "Brown Guy" that pissed on my car...you know how hard it is to get sand off your car? You wonder why us "white" people dont like you...cause you treat women like shit! Go back to your own counrty and treat your own bitches like shit! SO FUCK YOU!

Fuck you to the new bartender....i cant stand you....your annoying. I wanna fire your ass...but noone else is there to fill in. So im just gonna put up with you! Fuck!

Fuck you cheap pricks...just so you know when your in the service indusrty tips arent mandatory but we work hard to make sure your fricken happy....So there appriciated....and just so you know..everytime you dont tip your server...a puppy dies...

Fuck you Na Na for not coming down as expected...BOOOOOO!

So now thats off my chest i wanna say fuck me for being so bitchy.

See ya next friday!

Ok now thats out...feel so much better!


Happy Halloween!

So this brings us to Halloween...the one time a year you can be someone else...i was a Mile High Captain. But the question is...AM I? I had alot of opportunity's to join...but im not. Hey ive got alot of time to join..lol..and my SEXY DATE JARET! he was a spartan....he looked so hawt in a dress...I told him that we would role play at a future date with these costumes...i would love to show up at his place dressed up in my costume and show his some fun times...you know mother nature..she always picks a fine time to show her ugly face...lol...(if ya know what I mean)

This is Pam...she had a wiked costume...she is a make up artist...

We had a great time that night...

Jaret is so fun to hang out with...he loves the camera....just like me...

Tannis wanted to come out to play too...so i told her to make a costume outta the one that didnt fit me...and hers turned out awesome...

So 2 mile high club Captains meet 2 70's pornstars...lol...made for a great picture...

I had a hard time keeping my hands off him...hes so sweet and kinda says the right things at the right moments....i really enjoy his company. We got super drunk and had a blast doing it!
Thats my night in a nutshell...till next year!


Ladies and gentleman....

Im proud to introduce you to the infamous JARET....i went down to calgary on Saturday night to meet the parents and friends. We started out at Jarets friends Mikes and Cindy's house. We drank and ate steak...then it was off to the bar. Had a wiked time i guess. I blacked out so im going on what Jaret is telling me....supposedly im a wiked dancer...i fell onto the dancefloor..haha..im kinda embarrased about that but WHATEVER i was shitfaced. I dont even really recall dancing. So as the night was coming to a close we stepped outside and got a hotdog....K..really dont even remember this part at all. Mine had ketchup and that was it. Boo..cause i love mustard and relish...hell loaded would have been awesome too...so we walked across the street to our hotel and made nice with 6 cowboys in the elevator. Teehee i wonder what i said. So now the really intresting part...went up to our room and i guess i gave Jaret a strip show....k we havent even made sweet passionate love yet..and i guess i did good.! Once i was naked ..i put on his leather coat and my black boots and was lookin all sexy for myself...hahah...i wish i remember what i was doing..DAMMIT! So after that we went into the bedroom and we both just passed out...what a night..!

Next morning comes along and theres me all naked wondering WHAT THE FUCK! haha. ...then i saw the clothes all over the room and kinda had a feeling something went on...but no hes such a gentleman he told me what happened and we both had a good laugh....slept for another hour then it was time to check out. I wasnt feeling so great...we went to get our cars and went to this little dinner and had some breakfast. I oredered toast. and had one bite. Had a glass of OJ and decided it was time to puke.! so after that i felt way better. Off to meet the parents...HOW AWESOME ARE THEY! They were so sweet.. they sure love Jaret and his brother Jonas. we all ate dinner and drank good wine.
So its time to go home...we stop to get gas...and he fills my tank for me ...and then looks at me and says..i didnt get enough cuddle time can you come spend the night with me...im like awwwwe. this guy is so sweet...im so happy to have met him...finally (i know i say this everytime) but i think this one is sweet and a keeper. Now the unveiling....(i just showed tannis and she liked the screen) hes sexy!


Its foxy friday...

And ive decided to be the fox...took some bad ass pics of myself...gotta love self portraits..haha.

Things with Jaret are going slow...which is fine...i dont wanna rush things. Havent seen him since monday...cause he works nightshift..and by the time he wakes up its time to go to work..but we talk everyday . I really enjoy the conversations we have. hes so sweet!! and he has a good sence of humor. ha makes me laugh..which is somthing i need outta a guy. Were planning on hanging out Saturday night...i think im gonna make him dinner...and then just see what the night has to offer.

Wish me luck....who knows this one just might be the one...haha i know i say that about them all..but hey ya never know...

I just noticed my blog is becoming my dating diary..haha.. Just wait till things get serious...how saucy it might get...so for all you anal retentive bitches...you might wanna stop reading now...


I met a boy....i met a boy....

and hes sexy...and single...and doesnt have baggage...finally ...I wish i had a pic to show you all...but im sure if you wait a bit one will show up...Im just sittin here wondering whats gonna happen next...He lives in sylvan lake...owns his own house...has a full time job thats hes been at forever. So hopefully this one is a keeper...ill keep you posted.

In other news...nothing is going on! haha....Have a great day ladies.!


its about time...

My favorite people in the world are amazing..i love them. I was adopted into this family and there all so special to me. Tannis has a heart of gold and i love her dearly. She does such nice things for me and i dont know how i could ever repay her.

...so here it goes the rants...hahahahaha....Tim and i broke up..hes a slob ....druggie...loser...has no respect for women...ya we went away in love..thinking im gonna marry this one(puke) and came back disgusted and revolted by the kinda person i saw . He may look all good on the outside..but inside hes a a lost soul..has no clue!

So single again i say...i signed up for Plenty of Fish...its a stoooopid dating site...so im going thru all these profiles and come across this one called Shoots13 ..wow hes pretty hot...so i message him and were talking for a few weeks make a plan to meet.........he stood me up.....k....i can understand he drove all night from Williams lake...so we make it for the next night...oh and the fucker had the nerve to stand me up again....then ..at 3am he calls me...like get bent ya fucker! i text messaged him the next day cause i didnt feel he deserved a call....saying Hey thanks for wasting my time....and he shouldnt make promises he couldnt keep......SO i decided i give up on the dating scene. Fuck it.!

Renee came to town to visit...and we had some kareoke fun...got loaded...well elagantly wasted. did some shopping...had some laughs...photoshoots...everytime she comes we always have a blast...why dont you just move in here and well be the golden girls...im telling ya im thinkin men are asshole losers...well all just grow old together and use and abuse the men we desire...haha...RIGHT! (im so funny sometimes) Come back baby! SOON! or hey i should come there.! In the pic i knew Renee wanted to grope me more but she CHICKEN...haha

Work is going to be super busy! Gotta find me a bartender. Boss said he was gonna put an add in the paper...RIGHT im thinking...i should just do it myself. i have to work steady till the 13th. Oh ill be a hoot to be around i bet.....i just wanna go somewhere december im thinkin. My Gf Alissa needs a partner in crime so save save save...thats all ill be doing.

Other than that just doing my thing and hoping one day my ship will come in...im not gonna swim out to find it though.....



I cant believe that in 2 days ill be outta here ....sunday morning at 8am....leaving my world to go try something else...Tim will have me boating to flying his model airplanes...to canoe rides..hikes aroung the island...it will be like survivor but with a comfy place to sleep.. Im still kinda sick about having to shit in an outhouse for 3 weeks....EEEWWW I dont wanna mommy....lol The things we do for love eh! Well he did say he would make me a potty for the middle of the night and i though...aww..still gross. I stocked up on purell and bringing a nose plug.

Ill be missing the Seether concert...which i really hope someone buys my ticket....cause that would be a waste ...someone should enjoy it. And hey ladies ..when your doing pics...you should leave a spot so you can "insert cool Jnut here" winks...Have fun and hope you dont do anything i wouldnt do...so that leaves it WIDE OPEN!

So enjoy the rest of your summer and see you in SEPT!


So hey....

Nothing is really new this week...still in love...happy too.! i met an awesome guy...i really am having difficulties believing it. Tim came into my life at the best time. I didnt want anyone in my space i didnt want to have to do the relationship thing...and then when i fell in love with him that all changed. Im thinking one day...not anytime soon..i might even get married to him...if he should so choose to ask me. I would not say no....i finally found my pirince.....so to all the fricken frogs out there that i had to kiss....thank you for your company and so long!

Ive totally cut down on my drinking and i dont go party. just work and then I see Tim on my days off as time permits. I just want a normal life just like everyone else. i still dont want kids but Tim did mention that we could talk about the possibility of adopting a 6 or 7 year old....who knows...we just dont do crying and whining well.....winks.!

Leaving in 9 days to go to Tim's cabin in Ontario....small island off Lake Huron. Should be a blast. im gonna take alot ...ALOT of pics..cause there wont be really alot of things to do besides each other...wink wink...were gonna get alot of exercise though...Tim wants to take me all over the place in his boat. Im thinking as long as theres sunshine and Tim..ill be happy....i cant wait to get to know him more.....

So thats all i got for now....still smiling....shit eating grin is more like it!


Im leaving....

...on a jet plane...and unfortunalty i will be coming back again. Tim (my sexy hot boyfriend) bought me a ticket to go with him to his cabin this summer....were leaving August 17th and coming back begining of September. I cant wait either...if anyone needs a vacation its me....ive been at my job since Sept 2006 and have yet to take a holiday. So yes im due. Im still living at Tannis's house with the brats..wink wink.....The move to Calgary is still in the works.....its just on hold. I really wanna do that but i dont wanna just up and leave. I need to get to know my bf first alot more....

I guess i wont be going to see Seether with the girls ...which sucks ill miss a good time. But if i know the girls they will have just as much fun as if i was there...! Take lots of pics ladies.....

Renee i wanna say thanks again for making my page all pretty.....awww....its awesome! I appreciate it ! Come see us soon!


So i bought some new jeans yesterday....i love them...got them super cheeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Tannis is so hating me...but soon my dear these will be on your ass...till then you can just admire them from afar...he he..Thanks to Renee...i got this wonderful shot...haha thanks girl!


All is good....

3 times in one week...wow...ive been seeing alot of Tim lately..and guess what..its official...he's calling me his girlfriend now...introduces me as that..and its not even freeking me out...lol...good god what has this guy done to me...im not freeked out at all either....so far so good...


Guess what......

K...so i got a little camera happy with my big bad self...i got a little burnt sitting out on the deck..YOUCH!

in other news...I'm moving to Calgary...yes that's right...Moving outta Red Deer...Met a boy also...his name is Tim..he is a sweetheart..like no other guy Ive met by far...his personality is awesome...we get along perfect. Very easy on the eyes...and hes built like a brick shithouse...he's 38...he makes me feel happy inside....which i havent really felt in awhile about guys...so ill keep you posted on how that turns out.

The reason I'm moving to Calgary is to run a Bed and Breakfast...Elbow River Manor ...Google it...its a sweet pad...its up in Mount Royal ..the snooty area of Calgary...Ill live rent free and get paid to work there...and I'm thinking i don't wanna pass that up...plus ill get to see Tim more often...woot woot....I think ill be able to make it work..and meet all sorts of new people...from all over the world...its a 4 star B&B...and ill be running the whole show....kinda scary but I'm ready for the challenge...Bring it on I say....

My girl Tannis is going in for her surgery...and she will be laid up for awhile....she said shes gonna tan her ass ...so i guess when shes out there ill have to roll her over so she doesn't burn like this big dummy did...i hope all works out for her and she can feel better...I love her more than i love my own sister...shes helped me out so much and i just want her to know that i love her! and thank you my girl...

So i guess its time i go bake myself some more ..but I'm just getting my back this time...lol

Peace out!
Still smiling!